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Stepping Stones

Our Perspective

Perspective on Autism in the Early Years

The Davis® Stepping Stones programs, are two junior programs to the full Davis Autism Approach® Program. Developed for clients on the autism spectrum under the age of 8 years old or those with limited language and abilities.


While others may see children with autism as developmentally delayed due to a neurological disorder, the program views autism as a communication, not an intelligence deficit. The program focuses on providing the tools and techniques for self-regulation, as well as a sequence of early childhood development stages, to provide the foundation required for the individual to achieve their full potential

How others see it

A client with autism or a person with limited language:

  • is developmentally delayed due to a neurological disorder

  • must be spoken to slowly while enunciating any instructions

  • may be inadvertently disrespected for their intelligence

  • can only acquire behavioural regulation through medications

  • behaviours are only attainable through a reward (and punishment) system

  • the individual will never be able to gain social understanding and be able to make personal social decisions based on their individual values and perspective

How we see it 

  • People with autism may have some neurological issues but we start with the premise that their autism is a communication not an intelligence deficit

  • Since we believe the client is intelligent we speak to the client as we would any other family member

  • We believe in giving the utmost respect and a gentle approach as we guide them through the program

  • We show the client tools and methods to aid in their own self regulation

  • Once the individual understands why social interactions are done in a certain way they are able able to make choices that lead to new behaviour

Program Background

Program Delivery

Benefits and Results

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