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Davis Autism Approach®

Within every person on the Autism Spectrum there is beauty.

People on the spectrum desire and deserve to be seen, loved and  understood for who they are. To have the choice to fully participate in their lives, communicate their needs and choose their own future.


Let’s look at two perspectives on autism: how others see it and how the Davis Autism Approach® sees it. The former views autism as a condition that makes it difficult for individuals to understand and communicate with others, and they struggle to make sense of the world around them. In contrast, the Davis Autism Approach®, developed by an autistic individual, believes that there is nothing wrong with autistic individuals but rather that they need to be shown the "roadmap of life" so that they can interact and participate more fully with others. The approach is delivered through a facilitated one-to-one program that takes between three and five weeks to complete and includes modules on individuation, identity development, and social and relationship integration.

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