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Concepts for Life

Sometimes we need greater understanding of ourselves and our social world to really flourish.

Davis Concepts for Life® 

The Davis Concepts for Life Program was developed for those looking to create more order and calmness in their lives and are seeking greater control and regulation within their daily lives.

The client progresses through the program, by experiencing, reflecting and mastering a series of essential life concepts. At the onset of the program the client will choose his or her own specific goals.

Clients and their families have reported numerous benefits after completing the Davis Concepts for Life® program, including better self-control, increased ability to focus, completion of more tasks, improved organizational skills, better self-regulation of anxiety, improvement in time management, ability to establish order in daily lives, greater awareness of emotion’s part in self-motivation, improvement in their ability to take in information and instructions. Following the completion of the program clients recognized a better recognition of behaviors and an ability to make sounder decisions, due to a greater understanding of cause-and-effect occurrences in relationships. Their overall executive function criteria had improved.

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