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Concepts for Life

Program Background

Davis Concepts for Life® 

Welcome to the Davis Concepts for Life® program, a unique and structured program designed to empower individuals with neurodiversity create meaningful change in their lives. Those who struggle with executive functioning in areas such as planning, goal setting, self-control, distractibility, anxiety, time management, and organizational skills, find that the Davis Concepts for Life® program offers a tailored solution towards independence.

Clients and their families have reported numerous benefits after completing the Davis Concepts for Life® program, including better self-control, increased ability to focus, completion of more tasks, improved organizational skills, better self-regulation of anxiety, improvement in time management, ability to establish order in daily lives, greater awareness of emotion’s role in self-motivation, improvement in their ability to take in information and instructions.


Following the completion of the program clients had a better recognition of behaviours and an ability to make sounder decisions, due to a greater understanding of cause-and-effect occurrences in relationships. Their overall executive function criteria had improved.


The Davis Concepts for Life Program was developed for those looking to create more order and calmness in their lives; seeking greater control and regulation within their daily lives.


At the onset of the program the client will choose his or her own specific goals.
The client progresses through the program, by experiencing, reflecting and mastering a series of essential life concepts, which they model in clay.  Then further solidify into their identity through exploration in the world around them. This structured yet adaptive process promotes self-responsibility and personal growth.


Certified Davis Facilitators work individually with each client. Ensuring that each participant’s preferred pace and specific needs and goals are met.


Proven worldwide, with over 80 licensed Davis® Concepts for Life Facilitators, in 17 different countries, in 11 different languages, who have helped thousands of individuals and their families to participate more fully in life using their own talents and abilities.

Consequence: something happens because of something else

"Watering the seeds causes it to become a flower."

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