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Concepts for Life

Delivery of Program

Davis Concepts for Life® is for Individuals that are looking to improve their motivation, self-regulation and independence.

The Davis Concepts for Life® program consists of 3 modules: 

  • Self-Regulation and Tools,

  • Davis Life Concepts

  • Personal Concept Integration


Clients work one-on-one with a highly trained and caring Davis Concepts for Life Facilitators, who will guide client through the program at their own pace.


Through a combination of modeling in clay, exploring life concepts, and integrating new behaviors and concepts into daily routines, clients have the opportunity to work on their goals, promote self-responsibility, and achieve personal growth.

How is the Davis Concepts for Life® program delivered?

  • Facilitated 1 to 1

  • 9am – 4 pm each day for a week

  • Program will take between 2 – 3 weeks to complete

  • The program has 3 main modules: Self-Regulation and Tools, Davis Life Concepts, Personal Concept Integration

  • The Program is usually run over consecutive weeks.

  • The set program is worked through at the individual clients pace

  • In an interactive, respectful way, it examines personal life challenges and guides the individual to employ the newly learned Concepts to ease the challenges of their life.


  1. Self-Regulation and 4 Davis® Tools:

       Four tools are shown to the client to enable successful self-regulation.

i  Auditory Orientation –listening to a specially engineered sound through head phones to enable the client to accurately perceive their environment in a calm focused manner.

ii  Release- breathing exercises shown to release tension and anxiety and bring about calm focus


iii  Dial- explanation of a memory referenced energy dial recalled to maintain a calm demeanor free of impulse or anxiety


iv  Koosh Balls- an exercise performed standing on one foot. Used to strengthen the neural pathways that maintain focus, balance and coordination 


2. Davis Life Concepts: 

The facilitator guides the client through the following Concepts having the client explore the definition and details of each of these Concepts as they relate to the client and their daily life. Initially the facilitator discusses each Concept with the client based on how the Concept relates to their life. The client then makes a clay model of the Concept, followed by exploring the Concept in the environment; to incorporate a deeper understanding of the Concept into the clients’ daily life.


  • Self, change, consequence (4 parts), time, sequence, order and disorder

  • Continue, survive, perception, thought, experience (3 parts) 

  • Energy, force, emotion, want, need, intention

  • Motivation, ability, control and responsibility

3. Personal Concept Integration:

The following exercises are completed.

a) Establishing order in the environment- Identify the item. Then determine its proper condition.
Then place it in its proper place and position.

b) Creating new behaviours- explore alternatives to negative behaviours and employing the new knowledge learned from the Davis Life Concepts to make positive changes.

c) Developing self-responsibility- integrating the new Concepts into their daily routine.

e) Strengthening executive functioning skills- through working with the Concepts that improve self regulation.

f) Improving social integration- reinforcing the Concepts that establish positive social integration and healthy relationships.

Each of these concepts is introduced at the pace required by the client. Depending on the individual the program will generally take between 2 to 3 weeks to complete ($6000/week).

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