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Social Development Programs

The Davis® methods and concepts provide a gentle, facilitated program to help bridge the gap between neurodiverse individuals and the neurotypical society. Our program is designed to help individuals understand societal norms and expectations so that they can participate more fully in their communities. We believe that once an individual understands these concepts, they will be better able to participate with their family and friends and share all the beauty and benefits of the world they live in. As well as open up a two way dialogue to share the benefits of their ideas and insights. Something we believe this world would really benefit from.

Adults and Children Mastering Executive Functioning 

(Life Planning and Social Decision Making) 


Children under 8 years old on the Autism Spectrum

Adults and Children 8+ on the Autism Spectrum

 The idea behind the Davis Autism Approach®

“What inspired me to help others with autism is that I am myself autistic. I know what it feels like and I know the limitations that exist as a result of it. I realized that, given I had found my own way through this chaos

(of autism), that I could provide a map for others of my kind to follow–then there would be value in my existence. The Davis Autism Approach® is my best effort at providing that map.”
– Ron Davis, Founder of Davis® Autism Approach

                The foundation of The Davis Autism Approach® is that neurodiverse individuals have not yet individuated – they do not see their own separate identity within society. They haven’t formed a true sense of Self. Most people individuate by the ago of two. Yet these individuals often ‘skipped over’ this stage. Also continuing on to miss out on other vital understandings of societal norms. This does not mean that as individuals they need to be “fixed” but rather simply need to be shown the missing ‘game rules of life’ so that they can participate and interact more fully with others. Enabling those with neurodiverse abilities to share their talents and abilities with others. The Davis® methods provide a gentle, facilitated program to make this a reality.​


There is nothing wrong with those that are Neurodiverse. They may not fit into societal norms but they have many talents to contribute; that often elude those that are neurotypical.


​Only if an individual wishes to participate with their friends and family and wants to have a two-way communication of their thoughts and ideas, is a change required; if they are truly happy in their isolation that is fine. However from my experience once they are able to ‘figure out’ how society works and its expectations, they seem happier to be a part of the larger society.If that is the case, then the Davis ®methods, created by an autistic person himself is the road map to bridging the two worlds. The concepts and the exercises shown in the Davis® methods are in essence the ‘game rules of life’. Once the individual understands these concepts then they will be better able to participate with their family and friends. As well the individual will then be able to share all the beauty and benefits of the world that they live in.


Some individuals have shared some of the beauty and positives of the world they live in and I understand the attractiveness and benefits that they describe. But chances are while we live on planet earth, experience has shown us that we are better working together rather than alone for a common good. Bringing about a shared inclusive society for all. Let’s open our minds to the possibility that different is an advantage not a detriment. Some believe that the present increase in neurodivergence is to due to advancement in our human genome. Why would we stifle something that stands to benefit us as a whole? Yes it may take time to understand but we take extensive time to mine gold – surely people are even more valuable. We all have a purpose if we could only open our minds and hearts to discovering what that might be.

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