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Maureen O'Sullivan

Davis Autism Facilitator and CEO

A graduate of University of Toronto’s Bachelor of Science program, and 40 + years of experience as an entrepreneur, Maureen has always had a curiosity about the world around her. Maureen’s approach to learning is centered on the belief that each person, whether adult or child, can learn new methods that will allow learning to become an enjoyable process.

My Perspective 

Let’s just for a minute suspend our belief that people with autism are unintelligent and un able to learn. Let’s instead change our perspective and appreciate the daily struggles they overcome every day just to exist in a body that doesn’t always work for them in the way they would like or direct it to work. Or the inability to tell someone that they have been misunderstood or wrongly judged for their inability to speak or prevent meltdowns or clear concise lines of communication. Let’s instead put some onus on the neurotypicals to meet the autistic community half way. Let’s believe they are a gold mine, worth digging deep for. Let’s start by making them feel comfortable, loved, accepted and wanted in our daily lives. That simple gesture alone would be helpful.

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