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Davis Autism Approach®

Our Perspective

How Others See It


  • struggle to make sense of the world

  • have difficulty understanding and communicating with others

  • do not like to socialize. 

  • find everyday activities and interactions strange and difficult.

  • have a range of difficulties that are experienced along a gradient, from high functioning to non-communicative, hence spectrum.

  • stim for no reason

  • lack intelligence

  • have emotional outbursts for no reason

How We See It

  • may understand the world better than we think but are inhibited by their sensory overload

  • often understand what we are saying but that doesn’t mean that they are able to respond or communicate with language or get their bodies to perform in the way they desire.

  • often love to socialize; if the social nuances were not so difficult to understand. Or if their voices and bodies could cooperate.

  • find daily life difficult because they have missed out on “the game rules of life” (given in the Davis Autism Approach®)

  • are able to experience life easier once they are oriented; regardless of the level of their condition

  • stim to provide self-soothing and to disconnect from the overwhelming world. Davis tools provide a method by which a person with autism can self regulate within the privacy of their minds and/or through calmly relocating to a place that feels better for their bodies.

  • Are some of the most intelligent people we have met. Many of us would barely make it through a day in the struggles these individuals accept as part of their life each day.

Program Background

Program Delivery

Benefits and Results

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