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Stepping Stones

Benefits and Results

Who would benefit from the Davis Stepping Stones Program?


  • A person with autism under the age of 8 years old

  • An individual with low verbal skills


What do people generally see as a result of doing the program?

Feedback from clients, teachers, families and facilitators has recognized a variety of improvements upon completion of the program. Some of the results are listed below:


Note the results have been confirmed through the Foundation’s internal research and include:


  • fewer meltdowns

  • growth in language

  • increase in pretend play

  • less resistance to change

  • less arguments with siblings

  • willingness to try new things

  • better understanding parents instructions

  • increased understanding of cause and effect

  • increased ability to refer to self as ‘I’ or ‘me’

  • improved self-regulation (can calm themselves down)

  • can follow instructions using the ideas of before and after

  • better self-awareness (e.g. expressing appropriate pain when injured)

How We
See It

Program Background

Program Delivery

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