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Welcome to Autism Ability.


We are founded on the belief that neurodiverse individuals have unique talents and abilities to share with the world. We understand that many neurodiverse individuals may struggle to see their own separate identity within society, but this does not mean that they need to be "fixed." Rather, they need to see the missing social 'game rules of life' so that they can communicate and interact more fully with others in their family and community.


We want to emphasize that there is value in being neurodiverse.

We recognize that individuals who do not fit into societal norms have a lot of ways to contribute. They are capable of talents neurotypical people do not have and sometimes cannot even comprehend. However, we also know that some neurodiverse individuals may wish to participate more fully with their friends and family and we are here to support them in doing that.

We would like to note that we have chosen to refer to individuals as "those with autism" rather than "autistic individuals". The reason for this is that we see everyone as human beings first and other differences second; be it a person with autism or a person with diabetes etc. Each of the attributes that we have going through life gives us challenges, but also contributes to our experience, uniqueness, and perspective. It is in recognizing that all of us have a base foundation of being human that we can begin from a common ground and move forward to benefit from the wisdom experienced by each individual. The contribution of a group will always exceed that of an individual.

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Maureen O'Sullivan, BSc

A graduate of University of Toronto’s Bachelor of Science program, and 40 + years of experience as an entrepreneur, Maureen has always had a curiosity about the world around her. Maureen’s approach to learning is centered on the belief that each person, whether adult or child, can learn new methods that will allow learning to become an enjoyable process.

"I am very hopeful that if we take the time to observe and better understand the autism world and what it is like to live in it, the same way that they have sat observing our world and habits, that it will lead to better outcomes for all of us. Our society needs the qualities and potential obscured within each autistic person to make our society a better place.
We can’t afford to ignore this resource anymore.

Is it just by chance that the autism numbers are rising – I think not. They offer the key to something very useful in our society."

- Maureen

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